What do you stand for?

This exercise helps you discover your inner purpose. Do this for you personally OR for your company (decide which, now). To start, consider the values provided and click the one that best describes what you or your company should stand for.

There are 60 of these to click and you'll need your brain so relax, grab a mug or glass, feet on the desk .. begin:

Click the word that's closest to the values you want to live by:


Please note that this page is at a super alpha stage, at the end you'll have the opportunity to give your email address so I can let you know when I've written an upgrade, for instance, so your team can do this collaboratively or so you can group values into themes onscreen. Optionally, I'll also write personally to you with ideas about how to live those values in your marketing.

This page is deliberately plain. I'm a marketer .. I know any image, any distraction, will affect your answers, so I'm keeping out of it.

If you get bored or your brain needs a break, leave it and come back to it. So long as you don't leave it more than a few days and you use the same machine/browser, it will remember you and you can carry on where you left off.